Are you ready to forge your legacy and become the master of this medieval fantasy realm?
Step into the enchanting world of Kingdoms Collide Mobile, a realm where medieval fantasies come to life and epic battles unfold in real-time.

Craft your own legendary heroes and summon powerful minions to conquer the lanes, leading your forces to victory by toppling the enemy castle and claiming strategic shields from the ground.


As the commander of your forces

You wield the power to create minions on any lane of your choosing, each with unique abilities. Some possess the remarkable skill to traverse lanes, adding a strategic layer to the battlefield. Your primary objective: vanquish the opponent's castle and secure more shields to accelerate your heroes' spellcasting abilities.


Prepare for battle

By carefully selecting a formidable lineup of four classes: tank, warrior, hunter, and hero spells. With a total of twelve picks, your choices will shape the destiny of the battlefield. Upgrade your minions' abilities to unleash their full potential as they autonomously advance and engage in fierce combat.


Timing is everything

Especially when deploying special abilities that allow minions to shift lanes at crucial moments.

But the true key to domination lies in the ground-level shields. As your minions step onto them, these mystical shields turn blue, granting hero points and temporary protection. Accumulate hero points to summon mighty Heroes, who function as game-changing spells, tipping the scales in your favor.


Embark on a riveting journey through the sprawling landscapes of Kingdoms Collide Mobile, where alliances are tested, rivalries are born, and the clash of kingdoms echoes through the ages.


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